Lead wall, Olsztyn, Poalnd
A free-standing climbing wall for the Mountain Festival in Lądek - Zdrój
Lead climbing wall, Australia
The Bloc boulder gym, Tel Aviv
  Big boulder gym in Tel Aviv, with weight gym, moon board and campus board. Over 300m2 of climbing surface.  

Climbing fair Vertical Pro in Friedrichshafen
A very successful climbing fair is behind us. We met with friends, got inspired by the news from the climbing world and proudly presented our products on the new exhibition wall. We shared the space with the Polskok company, which is a clear leader on the Polish and European market in equipping walls with boulder mattresses. This was a very professional and pleasant cooperation for us :).

FunClimb and FC Boulder, Warsall, Poland
FunClimb walls at Jump City entertainment Park
Outdoor boulder made of GRP panels
Baldpol, Boulder Gym
13m high Lead Wall
Almost 13 meters high wall in a huge swimming pool and educational complex, which is being built in the very center of Szczecin, in Poland

Extention of the Murall Annapol Climbing Center in Warsaw
Lokal 32 - Boulder gym
Bouldering gym in the center of Wroclaw with total climbing surface of 500 m2. A modern, beautiful, safe space for climbing at all levels.  

Zip Line at Narvil Hotel, Poland
The Zipline at the Hotel Narvil consists of 3 exciting descents on ropes suspended between trees at the highest point about 12 meters. The route is certified, while overcoming obstacles, participants are secured with the vert voltige system by a safe method of continuous belaying

Extention of Fun Climb at the Circus Art School, Julinek
Galvanised steal frame for freestanding DIY Moonboard
The steel frame allows for a stable and safe placement of the wall anywhere in the house or outside. You can move it to a different place at anytime depending on your needs. We are able to send the frame, special non-staining climbing panels, assembly kit with instructions and holds to any place in the world with one transport.  

Blocat, suburbs of Barcelona
Boulder gym near Barcelona, perfect place for training or fun activity  

Rope climbing gym in the sport hall, Opole
 A 15 m high lead wall and speed climbing wall with an area of 480 m2. You will find here 17 climbing lines, including 5 with automatic belay (2 of them are designed for speed climbing).  Right part of the wall offers really big overhang surface which let you prepare for the hardest routes in the rocks :)  

Bloc District - Boulder gym, Barcelona
  A big bouldering facility in the heart of Barcelona. More than 570 m2 of climbing area, 5 independent climbing zones, a special space for children, a large campus, moonboard, IFSC-certified competition wall, fitness room and large comfortable locker rooms with showers.  

Freestanding Home Wall
  Private house wall, free-standing, 30 degrees of overhang. The frame design allows it to be placed anywhere, without interfering with the structure of the building.  

Mobile Fun climb
  3 climbing lines Fun Climb on a trailer. The wall can be placed anywhere you can drive a car, it will be perfect for birthday parties, festivals and open-air events.  

DIY Home Wall - MoonBoard
Home wall for self assembly. All elements come in one package, it is fixed to the floor so that we do not interfere with the wall constructions. Two people and two days are enough for installation. Delivery time is only 2 weeks plus shipping time. You can see the assembly process on video.
Fun Climb - Circus Art School
4 Fun Climb obstacles - 2 easy and 2 medium difficulty - all 7,5 m high. It's operated by the TruBlue automatic belaying system.

Riverside Boulder, Poznań Poland
210 m2 of climbing with nature and river in the background! Sounds good ? It's not everything, go to the gallery to see more.
School Lead and Boulder walls with adjustable part, Poland
Few weeks ago we have built climbing wall with rope and small boulder walls in School Complex in Jasło, South of Poland. It includes  a bit over 6m high rope climbing wall (50m2) and 30m2  of boulder walls. The interesting point is the surface between lead walls. It changes the angle of inclination so you  can adjust it to your needs. You can see video how it works at our social media :)
Rockiz Climbing Center
The ROCKIZ climbing complex in Israel is now open and hosts hundreds of climbers a day! It is not surprise If in one place you can choose from so many climbing attractions. The largest part of ROCKIZ is rope climbing, up to 15.5 meters high, where you can go even further to climbing in the roof... if you still have a strength for it :) For fans of short and intense there is also a boulder wall. For children there is FUN CLIMB system walls. For the treat, a two-storey rope park with various difficulties for everyone! On September 13th, the Israeli Championships of Lead Climbing took place here. For more pictures visit our gallery. 

Murall Karkowska - The biggest boulders gym in Poland
Definitely the biggest boulder gym in Poland.  1034 m2   of climbing space - 11m long and 6 m high cave with special lift up mattress, space dedicated for kids away from other climbing spaces,
20m long, vertical wall for run starting or balancy problems and much much more! Visit our gallery to check more info and pictures :)
Moonboard at Murall, Warsaw
At the beginning of March, Murall Climbing Center in Warsaw extended it’s training zone with Moonboard. It is very nice for us that during the next expansion we were asked to make it . The authors of the graphics on Moon are "Takie Pany".  

Wspina się Michał Marines Łodziński