Our team

Emilia Płaczek
Project manager
My first passion was design studies, a year later I started climbing and nothing was ever the same again 😝. Everything was subordinated to climbing and training. The studies were pushed into the background but allowed me to combine professional life with passion and now I work for Gatowalls 😊. I'll be happy to help you choose the climbing holds and volumes for your lead or boulder wall and I’ll personally look after your order - from quality to packaging. I'm involved in climbing holds and volumes, as well as climbing walls. I take care of graphic design for our projects and manage website and social media of the company. My favorite climbing region is definitely Sokoliki 😉! Greetings, Emilia
Agata Wiśniewska
Sale & Design director
Hi, I am Agata and it’s me who will answer the email or phone when you contact Gatowalls asking about the construction of a climbing wall or an adventure park. I will give you the information about the constructional conditions and investment costs. I will tell you what is important while choosing a location and what kind of climbing wall or adventure park would meet your expectations, and those of future users. I will be responsible for creating a 3D model of your climbing wall. I discovered sport climbing in 2001 and since then it has been a large part of my life - I spent many years competing in national and international competitions, I became a route setter and sports climbing instructor of the Polish Mountaineering Association. I’m most happy to climb outdoor, and at work - to draw the concepts of climbing walls. Hope to talk to you soon 😊.
Cezary Modrzejewski
Hi, I am Czarek Modrzejewski and I manage Gatowalls. I will do my best to ensure that your climbing wall built with us is of the highest quality and on time, and that the whole investment process goes smoothly. My job is to coordinate all departments in the company, to meet with you to understand what you need and how to communicate it to our team so that the end result is a satisfied customer, that is you, and so that we can be proud of having built your climbing wall. My passion is climbing, ever since I was 16 years old. At work, I care about the satisfaction with each project - I’m trying my best so that I can feel like I want to climb on each of the walls we’ve built 😊.  See you at the construction site or... in the wild mountains of Patagonia 😉.
Łukasz Jędras
Site Manager
Hi, I am Lukasz. Before I started climbing, I was spending a lot of time hitchhiking across Europe or fishing 😊. Then I replaced my international adventures with climbing trips. In Gatowalls I supervise the assembly of climbing walls (yet, the engineering studies were not in vain😝). What I like the most about my job is that every new project is also about getting to know a new corner of the world and people with the same passion as mine.
Łukasz Kluczewski
Production manager
Hi, I am Lukasz Kluczewski and I am the production manager of Gatowalls. My main tasks are: preparing the production process, improving the products, taking care of their quality, keeping an eye on production lead time and transferring information between our workshop and assembly team. I am an engineer, so I am in constant contact with project managers and architects, with whom I share a common technical knowledge - essential in this industry. Probably we will never talk to each other, but I am the one who checks and touches every climbing hold and volume, looks at every climbing panel before shipping it to you, I supervise design and engineering process, and if necessary... I will produce even the most complicated climbing wall or rope park. I would add that I’ve been climbing, wherever I can, since… many, many years, and I feel best in bouldering, which I consider the only legitimate direction in climbing.
Artur Dąbrowski
Site Manager
Hi, I'm Artur Dąbrowski, I've been working for GATOWALLS for several good years now. My task is to coordinate the works on the construction site. Each new project is a challenge for me so I try to do it as best I can, so that the client is fully satisfied with the final result. Greetings Artur
Jakub Gruszczyński
Supervision & office Manager
At Gatowalls Ltd. I deal with ordering, logistics, customer service and someother things ... 😉 already for eight years. I use professional experience acquired in the corporate world in my current job and at the same time it allows me to appreciate: work in the climbing industry and implementation of projects at the interface between climbing, construction and outdoor activities.
It's really cool when you climb and at same time you can "sell" climbing to others. 😊 I hope that thanks to our products you will be able to achive your rock / mountain projects.