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Climbing is for her like ‘Love at first side’. When Kasia first came to climbing gym, she was 13- years old. She immediately enrolled in a instructed climbing group and started training. And over the time climbing became for her not only a passion, but also the way of life. Nowadays she could not imagine life without climbing.

These days Kasia is a student of Economy at Nicholas Copernicus University in Toruń and climbs 4-5 times a week. She regularly takes part in competitions (national , international  and open).

She visits many different rock areas and realizes her full potential as a climber.


I. Competitions:

National competitions:

– Polish Championship in bouldering 2015 – Warsaw

– Polish Championship in lead 2015 – Wroclaw

– Polish Vice – Championship in bouldering 2014 – Krakow

– Polish Vice – Championships in lead 2013 – Krakow

– Polish Vice – Championships in lead 2012 – Warsaw

– Quadruple Polish Championship in bouldering (junior and youth cathegory) in the years: 2010, 2012,2013,2014, and also in lead: 2012 and 2013.

International arena:

– 2nd place in the European Junior Cup in bouldering 2014 – L’argientiere (France)

– 3rd place in the European Junior Cup in bouldering 2013 – Laval (France)

– 6th place (final) at the World Junior Championships in bouldering 2014 – Arco (Italy)

– 15th place (semi-final) in the World Cup in bouldering (seniors) 2015 – Chongqing (China)

II. Rocks:

– Krucjata Trzeźwości VI.6 (RP) Podzamcze, Wielka Cima

– Racing in the street 8b (RP) Rue des Masques, France

– 9 x 7c (OS)

– 3 x + 7c (OS)


Marcin Tomaszewski, Wenezuela, fot

Born in 1975 in Poland. He’s been climbing for more than 22 years. A member of the Polish National Team in alpine climbing. From the very beginning he’s been inspired mostly by challenges such as opening new routes in the most inaccessible and vertical faces in the world. Although he has already managed to ascend some of them, year by year he feels hungry for more. However, his life consists not only of climbing as such as he’s devoted to the promotion of the sport in Poland by means of running rock climbing courses and indoor training units, organizing competitions and climbing shows, as well as hosting radio shows. Since 1997, he’s been organizing the Fight Club National Climbing Comp, the event he’s the originator of. In 2005 he became a sport climbing instructor and opened his own climbing school in Szczecin, Poland. Starting from 2009 he’s been implementing the 4 Elements project (/Pl./ 4 Żywioły, www.4zywioly.net) aiming at climbing ascents in four distinctive mountainous regions (Patagonia, Alaska, Baffin Island, Venezuela)

The timeline of the expeditions.

2000 Greenland, Nalumasortoq, new route
2001 Pakistan, Nangmah Valley, Denbor, new route
2002 Baffin Island, Mount Thor, new route
2003 Alaska, Shadows Glacier, new route
2004 India, Garhwal, Mount Meru, the Shark’s Fin route
2005 Yosemite, Salathé Wall, 27h non-stop
2006 Patagonia, Cerro Torre, the Commpressor
2006 Norway, Trollvegen
2006 China, Qonglai Mountains, Seerdengpu
2007 Norway, Innset Ice climbing.
2007 Alaska, Throne, new route graded 7a
2007 Pakistan, Trango Tower, ascent attempt
2009 Patagonia, Argentina, Fitz Roy, solo attempt
2009 Alaska, Mt. Barril, III, 1200 m solo climb, Mt. Johnson, escalator M5, Wi4 1200 m solo climb
2010 Venezuela, Acopan Tepui, new route
2010 China, Qonglai Mountains, Seerdengpu
2012 Canada, Baffin Island, Polar Sun Spire, new route
2012 Argentina, Patagonia, Cerro Torre, the Ferrari route
2013 Pakistan, Great Trango Tower, new route called Bushido
2014 Alaska, Mount Dickey.
2015 Winter. New line Trollveggen, “Katharsis. M7 / A4
2015 Summer, New line Kjeraq “Wild Stories” VII+,A2


2015- Jewelry with climbing equipment Marcin Tomaszewski.
2014 “TRAVELER” Award, National Geographic Traveler.
2014- International Team Camp / Cassin
2014- “KOLOS” Award for Bushido pave the way for the Great Trango Tower in 2013
2013 – Distinction EpicTV channel. The award of the highest ratings for crossing the road BigWall BUSHIDO in Pakistan with all achievements from around the world in 2013.