Fun Climb

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FUN CLIMB is our brand new system.  It is designed to be safe and attractive for all age groups, from small children to adults. FUN CLIMB has something to offer for everyone!

FUN CLIMB system offers thirty different walls and attractions; each with its own unique theme, shape, color and difficulty level. We use colorful panels, especially designed holds and the highest quality materials.

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FUN CLIMB attractions offer vertical climbing (Cheese Master, Up&Music), as well as 3D – climbing (Intergalactic, Up&Game) and some extra attractions (check the Rabbit Jump or Up&Sail).

Our brand new ideas let us create an attractive product of the highest quality.

FUN CLIMB attractions:

30 machine   31 up&chess           14 pacman10 run&up02 cheese   26 dual transparency  25 pipe labyrinth    23 up&sail  22 rabbit jump  21 up&walk   20 cars24 compilation   19 monkey playground28 up&game  18 intergalactic  17 bee house  16 up&chimney  15 hopscotch    13 tic tac toe  12 dancing fruits   11 waves27 real rock    09 upbooks  08 up&skeleton  07 climbworm01  06 upkite  05 uplego  04 safariclimb  03 up$music   29 harmonic32 seasons climb