mobile climbing walls


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As the only company in Poland we have professional mobile climbing wall to organize competition in bouldering.  In 2013 we have cooperated with Polish Alpine Club and Adidas to organize most important competition in PL.  Climbing wall has professional mattress, holds, volumes and roof, so even at rainy day we can organize competition…. We cooperate with foreign routesetters as well…   Gallery 🙂

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We built a lot of mobile climbing walls, smaller and bigger. One of them was made by plexiglass, so climbers can see each other during climbing.  On those walls we can put logo with company name to advertise.. Our climbing walls are quick assembly and friendly for beginners… .

CLIMBING WALL ON TRAILER : our newest realization, has 7 meters height, 2 meters width. It gives an opportunity for three people to climb in the same time …It takes 15 minutes to arrange this climbing wall.  The wall is raised hydraulically, has warning system against to strong wind and has double hydraulic system ( manual & automatic ). It has galvanized construction and panels GRP, which looks like real rock.. all is weatherproof….

 Gallery is here.

Our walls can be equipped with an automatic belay – True Blue