Most of the attractions prepared for the needs of ADVENTURE PARK is based on wooden structures (platforms, walkways, bridges), ropes Polypropylene (serving as the connection for the attraction and being a fulcrum for hands) and wire ropes (serving as a base tension for the attraction and an element of belay).

In some cases, we use the finished products: a climbing wall, as the entrance to the adventure park, the plastic rim in the form of a tunnel or baskets for crossings between platforms. Therefore, an attempt to systematize and define naming various attractions is somewhat difficult. Their shape, placement and length largely depends on the park designer’s creativity. However we can base on the fact that some of the attractions, client can go through, without using the power of their hands (such as walkways, bridges, hanging platform), while on the other using force is no longer necessary (nets, crossing, swings, hanging ropes). Therefore, it is important in the design phase to take into account recipients of our product.

Children rope parks are built mostly at low altitude (below 1 meter) to make belaying systems easiers. Usually the passage through kids adventure park is not a strenght issue but more cunning and coordination. Often tracks/loops (all pass) of children’s parks are much shorter, and end of play before the end of the track does not need to call for help to escape from attractions.

Here you have some examples of Gatowalls adventure parks’s attractions:

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