Adventure parks

Adventure parks  are attractive for those who like to spend free time actively on open air . Inside forested area we can build platforms and equipe area with rops and all belaying gear. All different adventure points are linked, so we create series of adventures, good for everyone…

Number of adventures depends how much space we can use or depends to investors expectations. Tested, very good idea is to build two tracks, one for adults ( 25 different adventures, 4-6 m high), second one smaller and easier for kids or biginners ( 8 adventures, high 1m)  .Time to overcome all obstacles on big track is about 1 h, on small one – few minutes..

To finish trail you have to fallow all points, they are linked variety: suspension rope bridges, spider webs, rope ladders, wooden beams, mobile plates  or pendulum ropes…

Everything during overcome the trial is totally save because of belaying system and all play is under control of trained instructors..

While choosing the area of adventure park, you have to remember about agreement of the owner about tree using.  Our build system do not damage tree, so enables to return to orginal state. When you would like to use area without tree we are able to build construction of spruce or pine trunk with suitable foundations.

We can install system ZIPSTOP.

The ZIPSTOP uses a self-regulating magnetic braking system to brake zip line participants smoothly and comfortably.